about the project

“Stories we tell” is a platform aimed at promoting inter-ethnic and inter-community relations in Kosovo through visual storytelling by youth of different communities and ethnicities, living in Kosovo. Through this platform, young people from Kosovo will be provided with necessary tools and knowledge in the field of visual storytelling in order to voice their opinions and views on social issues.

This dedicated page conveys the one-minute visual stories of young people throughout Kosovo who don’t want to be passive observers of social injustices – but rather, be active agents of change, through the platform of visual media. Through this platform, youths from Kosovo were provided with the tools and the knowledge to voice their opinions and views on social issues, using visual storytelling methods.

A series of workshops were organized to train the Kosovar youth in the basics of video storytelling, which culminated with their development of a working plan for the production of 1-minute video stories covering different social issues.


As a result, 83 short stories have been produced.

Participants of the workshops were also part of the Youth Story Competition Prize. Following a thorough review the following participants are the winners of the Youth Story Competition:

  • Same Air – by Almir Berisha from Plemetina awarded with 500 Euros
  • Links – by Brilant Pireva from Prishtina warded with 300 Euros
  • Farkatari – by Semir Qylangjiu from Prizren awarded with 200 Euros


DokuFest congratulates the winners and wants to thank all of the participants who attended the workshops!

The workshops have been assisted and facilitated by Kosovo 2.0, Durmish Asllano, Romawood and Lumbardhi Foundation.

The platform is a part of the HUMAN RIGHTS FACTORY: Ethnic community cooperation through storytelling, an EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo.